Here's a fabulous shot of Gary Payton during his Lakers days, courtesy of m. Alana from Billie Basquetbaal and Ladies.... As she said, "Work it, Gary!"

Gay Gary

Note the differing reactions of his teammates: Shaq, resolutely determined not to look, and Karl Malone, who seems to be saying, "Damn, man. Karl Malone don't want to see yo' belly button. And ain't nobody else does, either." Truer made-up words have never been spoken, Karl.

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Anonymous Carl Spackler said...

Karl Malone ain't interested because Karl Malone only like's 12 year old girls. He may act like a 12 year old girl, but Karl Malone ain't fooled by Gary Payton.

Anonymous ticktock6 said...
Really? Cause he seems kind of interested in caressing him...

Blogger anne said...
It looks to me that Karl Malone is going in for the man love kill to me. Perhaps he is thinking, "Karl Malone can pretend this is some jailbait if Karl Malone just looks away". I'm surprised he didn't use the Elbow to get Shaq out of the way.

Also, it's suspicious that Gary looks an awful lot like RuPaul when RuPaul is not in drag.

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