I know what you're probably thinking, but the answer is: No, LeBron doesn't have a mummification fetish. This image is from NBA.com, and the caption reads: "LeBron James does his best Michael Phelps impersonation."

That's funny. I don't remember seeing Phelps covered in Saran Wrap during the Olympics...

James wrapped

Muchas gracias to Slava for the picture and link.

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Blogger Dunpizzle said...
Some man love going on with that guy who seems happier than a 7yr old on xmas wrapping another man in saran wrap.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Do you have any idea how much Nike is drooling at the prospect of getting Michael Phelps to sign with them for an endorsement deal? I give them 6 months before they make him an offer he CAN'T refuse and rip him away from Speedo.

And how long would it take for a Lebron-Phelps Miami Vice commercial to emerge?

And how freakin' lame would that be?

MP is a certified badass- but could he ever do anything as cool as "The LeBron's"? In a word: HELLNO.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
There is major manlove, but its with that camera man. He has a look on his face like "hell ya I'm staring at LBJs nips"

Blogger BJ said...
"Cling film? I'm not a chicken drumstick, Bawful."