Flip Saunders + Om nom nom nom = This quote: "[Kendrick] Perkins is eating us up."

As Basketbawful reader Jimmy said: "Maybe he should keep his private life to himself."

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Blogger Jim in KFalls said...
Suggestion for word of the day: "Ginobilis"

From truehoop:
"I think the key phrase in Stein's story is fines will only come on the "most egregious type of flops." Or as some in the NBA would call them: Ginobilis."

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This needs to be addressed given the grazing of drama llamas on here lately who have gone after you. Dwyane Wade going to have some trouble shooting a zillion freethrows every game next year?

Blogger Nicholas G. James said...
I'm so glad that players will be fined for flopping next season. :}

Anonymous Anonymous said...
dude, that "om nom nom nom" page is straight COMEDY!!! Wow... NICE. Thanks for that one.

By the way, I have now made this website my official source for Basketball news. I look here before ESPN or Yahoo! or anything else.

You are the "Daily Show" of NBA Basketball- actual news made digestible by adding humor and wit. Keep on bloggin, bro!

Blogger Unknown said...
Look at playing times of Kobe, Gasol and Timmy on Fox's box score right after game 4 of the WCFs. The game had like 5 quarters and a triple overtime, according to 65 minutes of actiom from Mamba. Wow, i must have fallen asleep (the games here in Poland are starting 3 am).

Also, that injury report at the bottom...looks like Andrew Bynum is playing for more than 2 months now, has he changed his name to DJ Mbenga?