I pride myself on playing smart, good basketball. I also pride myself on a healthy appreciation of Larry Bird and Celtics of the '80's. I shame myself, however, in knowing so little about other great players who just never hit my radar for one reason or another. After watching the Celtics Dynasty series DVD, for example, I learned a healthy respect for Dave Cowens.

My dad always said how great Cowens was (and giggled like schoolgirl when we saw Cowens around, oh, 1988 or so, walking down a Boston Garden alleyway in his snazzy tan overcoat holding a basketball in each hand). "Hey Dave!" my dad screamed, to which Dave turned...and held his balls in the air.

It was quite a moment.

Another player I never appreciated as much as I should was Pete Maravich. All I really ever thought of him was that he could hit the stop-and-pop jumper with great accuracy. Then I watched this video, and realized what an amazing all-around talent he was. No, he didn't win championships (though if he had hung aroung with the Celtics another year or so at the end of his career he would have), but I'm not talking about stats here. I'm talking about the great plays that make you realize "This guy is special."

Give this video some time. It starts slow, but by the time it's over, you'll feel like you just had sex - hot, sweaty, basketball sex...
...ok, that sounded enormously gay...
...let me rephrase...
...sex with a hot, large-breasted woman...in the center of a basketball arena...holding a Victoria's Secret lingerie show.


- Evil Ted

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Blogger Unknown said...
im totally gonna master the wrist pass now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Don't yew twy it! DON'T TWY IT!"
- Red Auerbach