OK, I have to fill out a frickin' sheet for March Madness, and I simply don't know how to interpret this. Joakim Noah is clearly one of the most emotional, enthusiastic players in NCAA men's basketball, but when he unleashes a humpy dance like this, I wonder: Should this move Florida up or down on my own personal ranking list? I mean, yes, it's great to see someone with such enthusiasm for his sport, but is it a sign he's just a goofball huffing aerosol, riding some artificial high to make himself play better, whose shortcomings will be revealed in the Big Dance?

I wouldn't have used the PTI version of this (and I'm sure some legal bullcrap will force it off youtube soon), but I had to. Catch Kornhheiser at the end saying Noah's first name. C'mon, Korny, you just mentioned the dude is French, Joakim is not pronounced "Jok-em"... It's pronounced hwa-keem. Picky? Yes. But when French is butchered so unceremoniously, I must stand up for all of those in France who are unwilling to stand up for themselves, unless they are prohibiting the U.S. from using their airspace to bomb Iraq, or criticizing our foreign policy.

Today's Joke: Why are French army uniforms fitted with extra long sleeves? So they fit right when the soldiers do this...(person telling joke puts arms in the air in surrender).

You're gonna tell that one. Today. You know you are.

Bonjour Basketbawful-heads,
Evil Ted

Editor's note: Thanks to basketbawful's legion of people who actually look stuff up (see comments), it appears Korny AND myself are wrong. Seriously, though, research can be such a hassle - even if it takes merely a few clicks of a mouse, I don't have time for that. We are a nation of people who think 15 seconds is too long to microwave a hot dog.

Joakim Simon Noah (pronunciation: JO-a-kim; born February 25, 1985 in New York City) is a 6'11" American basketball player who currently plays for the University of Florida in the SEC of the NCAA.[4]

This is from Wikipedia, so it must be fact. I, on the other hand, in my off-the-cuff attempt to devine the correct pronunciation of Joakim Noah's first name, was clearly relying on truthiness for my assertions.

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Blogger Nels said...
I was wondering about that Joe-Kim part. I'd always just assumed it was Hwa-keem, and when I'd heard people say it the other way, I'd just assumed they were goofballs huffing aerosol. Then I saw that and wasn't so sure. Thanks for setting things straight.

Also, I'm not sure if this is a problem for everone, but the comment link doesn't show up on the post page - it's only there on the main page.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What do you think I did research?
IT'S GOT TO be Hwa-keem, but if isn't, then don't I just look like a complete ass?

If it isn't Hwa-keem, I'll give all the money in my wallet to charity. That's right, all 4 bucks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Sorry guys, its Jo-a-kim

The soft j is not French.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, it SHOULD be. The French, it appears, can do nothing right.

Joakim Simon Noah (pronunciation: JO-a-kim[3] ; born February 25, 1985 in New York City) is a 6'11" American basketball player who currently plays for the University of Florida in the SEC of the NCAA.

This is from Wikipedia, so who knows if there is really any "truthiness" in it.