Of course by "impersonate" I mean going one-on-five every time up the floor and having no confidence whatsoever in your teammates. But, in all seriousness, keep an eye on Barton's Anthony Atkinson in this championship game. The dude is a machine.

Imagine the boys from Winona State going back to rural Minnesota with this hanging over their heads. Going to rural Minnesota in general is bad enough.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Stop dragging me into this lovers' quarrel, get it over with, and just go have sweet, sweet makeup sex with Kobe Bryant already. The sexual tension in here is killing me.

Anyway, as basketbawful as that video was all-around, at least the kid continually pressured the defense by taking it to the hole instead of jacking up awful threes ala LeBron and Kobe himself.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
That was simply amazing. Luckily for him, we will not remember him for missing the free-throw.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, I for one will remember this not for the amazing play of Atkinson but rather for the way that the players from Winona really didn't seem like they wanted to win very badly.