Winner: In a game that could have provided legitimacy to the Lakers' questionable status as a Western Conference contender, starting point guard Smush Parker submitted a truly "gack"-worthy performance: 4-for-12 shooting, zero assists, five turnovers. Oh, and he basically stood by and watched as Tony Longoria scored seven of his 19 points in overtime to propel the Spurs to a big road win. Congratulations, Smush! We hope you keep up the bad work.

WoWknd - Smush
Uh, you're not supposed to just watch him, Smush.

Runner up: The Celtics dropped a 105-91 decision to the Washington Wizards on Sunday. While the 14-point margin was bad enough, what makes it truly horrific is that it was the team's 11th consecutive loss overall, and their 9th straight loss at home. To put this in perspective, the Celtics didn't even play this badly when Rick Pitino was coaching the team. Ouch. The only reasons this tragedy didn't rate "Worst Of" honors are because 1. Paul Pierce has missed most of the season foot injury and 2. we hate the Lakers.

WotWknd RU - Celtics
The Celtics' fall from grace continues unabated...
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I never understood why Phil continues to stay with smush as the starter. Just about every shot I've ever seen him make has left me dumbfounded with belief that it actually went in. Is their a luckier player in the NBA? Who else can score a starting PG job in the league with absolutely no consistency or credentials to back up his play, not to mention the thousands of mistakes and stupid shots taken in crucial points of the game? I mean, I hate the Lakers with a passion and its totally sweet that Smush starts and plays because they will never be winners with Smush at PG, but Farmar is as capable if not more than Smush at playing point. Thank god Phil's too stubborn to actually play rookies because if Farmar actually played, he would proably make the all-rookie first team and hit those lucky-Laker clutch Three's (because that's all they've done in the final 2 minutes of any game for the last 8 years). Congrats Smush.