And whoever else you wanna name (and hoo-ev'-er els yoo won-uh nam) Waltonism. A generalization commonly used to validate a radical/inane/factless statement.

Usage Example: "Dale Davis is one of the greatest clutch performers in the history of our sport...quite possibly in all of sports. Right behind the legendary Rick Barry, and whoever else you wanna name."

Word History: This saying was brought to our attention during the 2006 playoffs, when Bill Walton semi-sarcastically addressed Dale Davis mechanically draining two fourth-quarter free throws, despite his sub-.500 free throw percentage. The idea is to protect yourself from looking like an asshat by giving your audience the opportunity to mentally list the 328,951 players that just might be better clutch peformers than Dale Davis.

The power of "And whoever..." as a catch-all disclaimer is rivaled only by "The Jeopardy Rule", which is the art of phrasing a completely ludicrous statement in the form of a question. (e.g. "Is Earl Boykins one of the best defenders in the league today?" or "Is Bob Costas a habitual pedophile and heroin user?").