Public Relations Nightmares: As a Pacer's fan, I was willing to give Stephen Jackson away. And they kinda did. Some may say Stephen Jackson's game has "steadily regressed" since his Atlanta days. He also isn't someone you would call "fan friendly" or "coachable", and some would even say he "scares small children" and "may be mildly retarded". Mike Dunleavy compounded his disappointing play in Golden State by being a douche, but at least he hasn't shot anyone lately. Advantage: If the Pacers get 10ppg out of the biggest douche in the league, I'll call this a draw.

Jump Shooting Big Men: Everyone gushes about how versatile Al Harrington is, which is understandable. A big man that can shoot the J and play all three frontcourt positions is an intriguing prospect. But he's always been on my overrated list since he doesn't block shots and is a shaky rebounder. Not to mention he can be wildly inconsistent (a guy in the fantasy league went so far to call him "bi-polar"). Troy Murphy got 14 and 10 when playing starter's minutes last season, and should compliment Jermaine nicely since he has no interest in scoring in the paint. Advantage: Golden State, but it's closer than you think.

X-Factor: Sarunas Jasikevicious has been completely misused in the Pacers system. He's better suited for a Jeff Hornacek-like combo guard role, but Rick Carlisle seemed intent on keeping Sarunas on the bench while Jax and Marquis Daniels took turns posting incredibly mediocre numbers at SG. He may become a forgotten man in the Warriors backcourt logjam. Using some "dumb math", if Ike Diogu stayed at his career averages and played starters minutes, he's almost a 20-10 guy. At age 23. Take that for what it's worth. Advantage: I like Ike's upside. Pacers.

Marginal throw-ins: Josh Powell and Keith McLeod will enjoy having front-row seats for the next 3 months.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Pacers win hands down. Look Like Nellie just created an even shittier version of the Knicks with all the scorers he just inherited.

J Rich, The Baron, Monta, Jackson and Harrington? I just don't see it working well.

Albeit, Harrington is key...who thought it was a good idea to send Jackson to Oakland where they beat their murder rate for an entire the month of September on '06? THAT is asking for trouble. Indiana is definitely hood, but Oakland is a different ballgame. If Jackson pulled a gun in Oakland, it'd be curtains.

Dunleavy is worthless, but most importantly...Diogu is gonna be a Pacer fave and will end up being the best part of this deal. That guy was a man at ASU and got fucked over by Nellie ball at GS.

Just watch your frontcourt blow-up. Diogu is a soldier and for your sake, pray that JO has the patience to see that through.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I'm amazed that anyone was willing to trade for Stephen Beretta Jackson...

On a side note, apparently Dunleavy Senior wants his son in LA, and the Pacers would get Magette in return... it's all nice that a dad wants to spend more time with his child, but basketball wise this trade would be quite stupid.