I reeeeally wanted to make fun of Jerry Stackhouse's rendition of the National Anthem. But it's actually pretty good. Who knew?

I wonder how this happened. I mean, was Jerry asked to sing the anthem or did he just, you know, walk up before the game and announce "I'm doing this"? Because we all know Jerry is a little, well, psycho. Remember when he ambushed Jazz rookie Kirk Snyder outside Utah's team bus a couple years ago? Or when he beat up Christian Laettner on the team plane when the two were playing together in Detroit? Look, if a guy like Stackhouse wants to sing, you let him sing...no questions asked. After all, it's easier to put up with crappy singing than have extensive dental reconstruction.
Anonymous Roosevelt said...
O.K. Jerry Stackhouse! That was absolutely awesome! I didn't know that he could do that. Pretty cool.