A fine conversation piece for your coffee table, for that next wine and cheese party: type NBA into and "Out of Bounds : Inside the NBA's Culture of Rape, Violence, and Crime" jumps to the top of this list. Of course this isn't an attempt to cash in on Kobegate. Hopefully no details were left out on the sadomasochistic love-hate relationship between Jordan and Doug Collins...

'an expert on athletes and crime' Jeff Benedict: "What's wrong with the NBA? How much time ya got, buddy?"
Bill Simmons at mentioned WWE again in his column today.

"The Vince McMahon Award for 'Best doctoring of crowd noise to make a heel seem like a babyface.' Hey, I'm not saying that the NBA ordered TNT to turn down its crowd microphones when Kobe was introduced ... but Kobe was booed by roughly 65-70 percent of the crowd in Denver before the All-Star Game. It was noticeable, it was loud, and it was beyond awkward. So why couldn't you hear this on TV? At all? Even remotely."

Strangely, the boos came through just fine on my TV, as did Kobe's unsuccessful attempt to no-sell them, Road Warrior-style.