Sweet specs. They look like they're straight from the Herbie Hancock Collection:

(Photo via 30fps)

Not much time to talk today, so I'll share a quick couple of links.

Solid tweet from "Bill Simmons: "Note to ESPN.com: can we add a ".500 Line" graphic to our Heat Index that shows users if they're above or below .500?"

Here's a must-watch video of Conan O'Brien and Andy Richter mocking local news broadcasts. Your favorite team won!

Worst of the Night in Pictures:

Rondo treats Chris "Charmin" Bosh like super soft toilet paper
(picture via The Basketball Jones, passed along by Wild Yams)

Really? I guess God had money on the Nuggets last night


You know, Phil Jackson could save a lot of time and energy by not bothering to draw up a play when it's just "have Kobe jack up a contested three"

Nationally Televised Friday Games:
Jazz at Hawks, ESPN, 7pm: Both of these teams seem a bit bipolar. I think it's going to come down to which version of each team shows up at different points in this game, particularly the fourth quarter. You never know when Good Jazz will show up at the same time as Bad Hawks and vice versa.

Frail Blazers at Thunder, ESPN, 9:30pm: By the time this game is done, the Blazers might be running short on players thanks to knee injuries. I keep waiting for random assistant coaches to tear ACLs or dislocate patellas just sitting on the bench.

All The Other Friday Games:
Rockets at Pacers, 7pm: Two things. First, I'd just like to quote the opening of the STATS LLC game preview: "Just days ago, the Houston Rockets discussed the idea of increasing Yao Ming's minutes. That plan has hit a definite snag." Second, if the Pacers shoot over 60% from the field again in this game, I will probably need one of you to drive me to the hospital because my brain will explode trying to comprehend that reality.

Craptors at Magic, 7pm: I can't wait for Bawful to post the Raptors Mascot Fail video again Mondy morning.

Bobcraps at Wizards Generals, 7pm: BawfulFest 2010 continues! This is like the greatest worst week ever, isn't it?

Bricks at Timberwolves, 8pm: This only reaffirms my point. Darko + David Kahn = entertainment!

76ers at Mavericks, 8:30pm: Quick math lesson for the day: Mavericks' great defense + Sixers awful awful offense = high comedy. Woo.

Kings at Suns, 9pm: So let me get this straight. The Purple Paupers couldn't stop Beasley and the Timberwolves? What are they supposed to do against the Suns? I'm kinda-sorta intrigued.

Pistons at Clippers, 10:30pm: If you need any help getting to sleep, just put the TV on this game, kick back, and snore. This game will be even uglier than Morehead State women's basketball team coach Tom Hodges' suit. (h/t Jimmy Traina)

* * *

Nationally Televised Saturday Games:
Warriors at Bucks, NBA TV, 8:30pm: The Warriors were sold Friday for $450 million. I know, I don't understand it either.

All The Other Saturday Games:
Magic at Nyets, 7pm: Two words: Beat. Down.

Jazz at Bobcraps, 7pm: At what point does Jordan say "fuck it, I'm suiting up again!" just to keep the Bobcraps from being not only awful, but boring?

Pacers at Cavaliers, 7:30pm: I know it's early, but prepare to have your world rocked: as of Friday morning, the Pacers are only half a game out of the Central division lead.

Craptors at Heat, 7:30pm: I can't wait for Bawful to post the Raptors Mascot Fail video TWICE on Monday morning!

Frail Blazers at Hornets, 8pm: So when do we start hearing crap about the Hornets going for 72 wins? Meanwhile, The Onion delivers again. (h/t Basketbawful reader JJ)

Wizards Generals at Bulls, 8pm: The Generals are on the second night of a back-to-back, but if they play the Bobcraps on that first night, does it really count?

Celtics at Grizzlies, 8pm: This stinks of trap game to me for some reason...

76ers at Spurs, 8:30pm: Hey, did you know that "basketball is a game of mistakes?" That quote is going to haunt Doug Collins for awhile, just like Doug Collins' crappy coaching is going to haunt the Seventy Suxorz for awhile.

* * *

Nationally Televised Sunday Games:
Rockets at Bricks, 7:30pm: The Bricks as a team are 9th overall in rebounding, in spite of having Amar''''e Stoudemire on their roster. I am confused and frightened. Hold me.

All The Other Sunday Games:
Timberwolves at Hawks, 2pm: I feel like we need a camera focused on Darko Milicic at all times just so we can truly appreciate how horrific he is. Would anyone else watch that?

Pistons at Kings, 6pm: One of the worst offenses in the NBA goes head-to-head with one of the worst defenses in the NBA. I can't wait for all the sloppy ball movement and ridiculous bad jumpers that are completely uncontested.

Spurs at Thunder, 7pm: The Thunder are averaging an anemic 15 assists per game as a team. How is it this team can be over .500 and yet be so disappointing?

Suns at Lakers, 9:30pm: Some good news to report: Steve Nash's son Matteo was born this weekend. Congrats.

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Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Oh my God I think I recognize that Kobe fan from Game 4 of the WCF. I think he was one of the trolls after the game starting the "MVP! MVP!" chants whenever they showed Amar''''''e on Inside The NBA. He also may be the same guy with that Mastercard spoof sign with "risking deportation to watch the Lakers: priceless" of course referencing Arizona's new legislation.

Blogger Big-UpsTo#15 said...
So "The Chosen One" thinks the solution to his team's problems is to play less minutes?


Can anyone remember any all-star ever saying in order for their team to perform better, the coach must limit the minutes that player gets?

Usually isn't it a doctor putting limits on injured players so they heal or don't get worse; or coaches putting limits on aged players to save them for the post-season; and not 25 year olds that are self-proclaimed kings?

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Wow, that LeBron quote is pretty nuts. Is he really passively-aggressively campaigning for Riles to knife Spoelstra in the back and take over the coaching duties for the Heat? Relevant picture.

Anonymous laddder said...

That's hilarious...I'm sure coach "spo" would love to give him time to rest, except who the fuck are they going to put in?

When they rest james or wade the Heat transforms into wolves/cavs/nyets etc..

Anonymous Czernobog said...
So how do the Bricks' pace-adjusted rebounding numbers look? I'm going to go out on a limb and say "not that great."

Blogger Unknown said...
Wade says that the Heat are the best 5-4 team in the league. When he made that statement (before the L.A./Denver game), they were the only 5-4 team in the league.

Denver is going to be soooooooo pissed. Where are the Nene tweets on this?

Blogger Jason D said...
Wow, LeBron really doesn't know when to shut his mouth, does he? I don't think the best player on a team has ever asked for LESS playing time. My guess is it's a secret ploy by LeBron's people to make him seem like an even cooler teammate to have, because, you know, he lets you play and dances and stuff.

Speaking of which, I guess LeBron has scrapped the "I'm gonna dance like a douche" in every game routine. Or is he just waiting for his team to start winning so he can justify it? Or have I just been fortunate enough to have not been witness this season?

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Jason D - I think LeBron quit that, as he is prone to do.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Why do you insist on calling Sacramento by their fake name... They are the one and only Queens! (Thanks to Shaq)

Blogger Jason D said...
Orlando lost to Toronto...waahhhh? Talk about the unexpected. Although, in a 4 point loss I guess going 16-29 from the free throw line doesn't help *cough*Howard(7-17)*cough*

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So I was scrolling through boxscores waiting for the Thunder game to come back on, and I get to the Bricks vs the Timberpups. Jokingly to myself I think, "I'll look for the guy with 20+ rebounds to find Kevin Love. He has 29 with 6:45 to go. My jaw is on the floor. When is the last time someone got 30+ rebounds in a game? MY MIND IS FUCKING BLOWN.

Oh wait. He's rebounding against Amare and Gallinari. 30+ won't be THAT impressive.

Blogger The Dude Abides said...
@Anonymous...Shaq's nickname for Sacramento wasn't very imaginative. I prefer to call them the BallSACs.

Kevin Love, with 6:30 remaining in the game, has 24 pts and 29 rebs. If he doesn't quite reach 30 and 30, you think Rambis might only play him next game for 27 minutes again as punishment?

captcha: vatiggin
Vince Carter disappeared down the stretch against Toronto because of an injured vatiggin.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@The Dude Abides

Don't you mean, "If Kevin love reaches 30 and 30 Rambis will only play him 27 minutes next game as punishment."? Isn't success on that team frowned on? Or am I missing something?

Blogger Jason D said...
Can we trade Bynum for Love? Rambis, get your Laker connections working!

This guy has surpassed so many expectations, wow. I remember when most 'experts' thought he would be a bust.

Blogger Jason D said...
Kevin Love had 31 points, 31 rebounds and 5 assists in the game. Meanwhile, Mr $100 million saviour of the Knicks, ha 14 points and 9 boards. Hmmm, maybe the Knicks got the wrong guy...

Anonymous AK Dave said...
LeBron took a page from Randy Moss's playbook when he credited the loss to Utah to Jerry Sloan, a "hall of fame coach."

That comment, coupled with his statement that "44 minutes is too much, coach 'Spo knows that." goes to show that LeBron thinks he knows more than his head coach.

I give Spoelstra about another week. You can't have the team leader and a giant ego like LeBron subverting the coach. One of them is going to have to leave, and we all know who is more valuable to that team- as does LeBron.

Sad, really, because Spoelstra seems like a good guy who worked hard to get to where he is in life. LeBron, on the other hand, was simply "Chosen." Life just ain't fair sometimes.

That said, Pat Riley is probably one of only about 3 coaches (Jackson, Sloan) who has both the balls AND the clout on his team to put LeBron in his place. Let's face it: if Spoelstra were to bench LeBron, he would probably lose his job. If Riley benched LeBron, it would be seen as a necessary and proper disciplinary move; a savvy maneuver from a sly old pro.

The question is: does 'Spo keep his job before the countdown to failure reaches zero? We shall see...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

New York Knicks: 43 rebounds.
Kevin Love: 31 rebounds.

Are you kidding me? How is this guy stuck in a timeshare with Anthony Tolliver.

Anonymous JJ said...
Anon and The Dude, Kevin Love finished with 31/31. The guy is like David Lee on steroids. I don't care who you are, I give respect to anyone who can put up 30/30 because you have to work for that. Bosh can only have a game like that in his wet dreams.

Blogger stephanie g said...
Miami trying to get fans to show up to games:


Some CLASSIC images in there. Fan Up sounds like an SNL or Mad TV sketch. Also reminds me of this old onion article:


Anonymous Ak dave said...
30/30 is beyond "Animal Style". It's fucking "Incredible Hulk Style."

For the last time/once and for all: Kevin Love > OJ Mayo

Anonymous JJ said...
In reference to Love's 31/31 game, "Moses Malone was the last player to do it (30/30 NBA game) with 32 points and 38 rebounds for Houston against Seattle in 1982."

Wow, this just made me realize, for all his talk about being a Superman and insane athleticism (not to mention more years in the league than Love), Dwight never had a 30/30 game. In fact, he never even had a 30 rebound game! I guess this proves SVG's whining about Dwight is actually right on the money.

Anonymous Silvio said...
Bricks lost 2nd half to Timberpoops 61-38. Despite all Poops' guards being injured except for Telfair - well, that's same as they were without all guards.
How do you lose to a team that consist of forwards only? I mean, Poops centers are Darko, Pekovic and Koufous. And besides Telfair, tonight they had only GF Brewer plus on a game day Poops signed street free agent Sundiata Gaines to have some kind of backup guard.
How comes Bricks didn't force team w/o guards into 30+ turnovers? Perhaps poor coaching again?

Blogger The Dude Abides said...
@Anonymous re Kevin Love. Actually, I also thought of your scenario because it works too.

captcha: whinc

Vince Carter "whinced" because of his injured "vatiggin" during his disappearing act down the stretch in Orlando's loss to Toronto.

Anonymous Sorbo said...
31 boards. If he gets starter minutes, he might be the best glass cleaner since Rodman. Can he go for 20 a game? I hope he makes that his goal this season. What's awesome is he's an awesome passer too. Someday this guy will be on a contender.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Utah winning all these crazy games is making me feel awesome about the Suns's chances. Then I think of Hedo again and ugghhhhh

A better way to put Love's game is NYK starters: 32 rebounds.

Anonymous JJ said...
Clippers suck, but Griffin had another nice game, posting 18/18. Not be a racist or anything, but what's with all these white rebounding monsters (Love, Griffin, David Lee) these days? It's like the League is going back in time!

My prediction: Larry Bird's going to sign or trade for all of these guys eventually to complete his Dream Team.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
This has to be pretty high on the bawful scale

But I agree


Anonymous nightdreamer said...

Bosh dreams about rebounding? Funny, I thought he was averse to it.

Blogger The Dude Abides said...
Hey Mr. Bawful, can we call out the Eastern Conference yet for WOTN, or is the sample size still too small? The West is now 28-13 vs the East. The season run rate for that record would be 56-26, which is almost as good as the Lakers' record last season.

captcha: venes

A bruised mons venes contributed to Vince Carter's ineffectiveness down the stretch in Orlando's loss to the Raptors last night.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
There's gotta be a way to work this into the WotW:


And regarding Magic-Craptors - Toronto was missing Kleiza (26.4 mpg), Barbosa (19.7 mpg) and Andersen (13.6 mpg) along with ED Davis, of course, who hasn't played yet this season. Bawful.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
stephanie g - I went to watch that "Fan Up" video on the Heat's website, but there was a commercial that played before it so I bailed. I refuse to watch a commercial just so I can watch a commercial.

JJ - Forget Dwight Howard never having a 30/30 game, it's more embarrassing that Shaq never did that. Shaq was far more gifted than Howard is when he was in his prime. If one of those two should have done it, it's definitely Shaq.

kazam92 - Ho. Lee. Shit. That was truly bawful. That was the longest three minutes and 37 seconds of my life.

Blogger stephanie g said...
Wild Yams: I didn't look at the video. Check out the pics under it!

Anonymous SirGirthNasty said...
Around a 1:30 of the Celtics/Heat game the other night the Miami crowd already started filing out when the game wasn't quite yet decided. It made me wonder, "why in the world would you want to play in Miami?" It's not a basketball city. You could have chosen Chicago, 'Bron and Bosh, where you don't have glaring holes at the center and PG positions. But when it comes to playing with 'buddies', I guess nothing compares.

Anyone else's black heart warming at the Heat's possibly destruction?

Anonymous Czernobog said...
I finally got around to watching the Craptors vs Bobcraps game, and stumbled on a doozie. Jack and Devlin were talking about Larry Brown's accomplishments, and Jack asks "Who is the only coach to ever win a title both in the NBa and WNBA?" And Devling goes "As a player?"

Anonymous Silvio said...
Orlando Magic: Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Stan van Gundy wants them to play defense - but girls gave up 110 points to bawful Craptors only 2 days after tired Jazz men dropped 69 2nd half points on Orlando Vaginas.
Unless miracle, major miracle, happens and Orlando wins it all this season, I'm sure SVG is gone in off-season. I think he'll gave up on this group of good but immature, mentally soft and completely unprofessional sportsmen. Stan is not young coach that is after money and/or resume highlights, he'll find place where he'll be respected.

Anonymous Silvio said...
BawfulFest :
Only 3 teams are bottom 8 both in offensive and defensive efficiency. Poopers obviously (30th OEff, 24th DEff), Clippers (28, 23) and Pistons (24, 25). And Clippers hosted Pistons last night. Festival.
Both teams tried hard to lose, especially Clippers: not only they were without injured starting center and both PGs for same reason, but Vinny del Negro got a "brilliant" idea to put 3 rookies in starting 5. Also, Vinny moved Griffin to center and played small versus Pistons. Masterpiece, it is exact recipe to lose against Pistons, all other teams detected Pistons weakness and pounded them in the paint, hence Pistons bawful 2-6 season start - because of lack of interior defense. But Vinny tried to destroy them from outside, as real anti-Sun-Tzu Vinny decided to attack just about only Pissed-Ons' strong spot, their perimeter defense. Result was predictable - Pissed-Ons went onto early 26-13 lead. But motor city men did not gave up hope - although it look like mountain to climb ... they too tried hard, really hard, to lose.

At the end, both teams failed to lose, tie. OMG, both failed in only thing they're good at ... losing. So overtime was played, both teams continued failing to lose, until officials told them "Uhm, guys, we must kind of finish this, Lakers play at Sunday, someone has to lose this one before warm-up of that game." . Then losers lost. And the other team won, but it doesn't matter really ... as they're losers too.

Anonymous JJ said...
Wild Yams, I completely forgot about Shaq (sorry Shaq, you got old and irrelavant)! You're absolutely right and I'm really shocked.

BOTH "Superman" didn't post 30/30. This must mean Love is Galactus or something.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
Brandon Roy's knees are Bawful, but not funny:


That's just sad. The Blazers on the other hand are a trainwreck of lols.

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Amar'''''e scores another point for "fucked-up athlete logic":

“It’s definitely tough,” Stoudemire said. “But this just goes on my shoulders. I take this loss on me. I got in foul trouble. Once I got in foul trouble, they took advantage of that.”

So yeah. This loss is "on him," but in the same breath he says that the other team "took advantage" of his absence from the game.

Translation: "My teammates suck ballz. When I'm not in the game, the other team kicks my teammates' asses. I play with some guy named 'Timofey', whose parents obviously suck at spelling, and some Italian kid who is more injury prone than even myself. Why did I leave Steve Nash and the Suns again??"

Anonymous Anonymous said...
kazam92: This...I-I..I'm speechless. It's half-amazing, half-incredibly-annoying. But it's so quintessentially Bawful it just has to be posted.

Anonymous kazam92 said...
I expect this in the worst of the weekend guys

And as bawful as it is, Its true. Joel Anthony is so bawful as a player this bawful video needed to counteract the bawfulness

Anonymous Silvio said...
Tonight Marc Gasol vs Shaq. Funny, Marc reminds me of a Shaq. Of course, not this 38 years old Shaq that can not move and is used only for clogging the line (unfortunately, for his own teammates too). But more of a 35 years old Shaq, one that still could move - barely, but could. I am looking forward to bawful sumo wrestling match tonight. Two sports for price of one.

Blogger Tristan said...
Every time Kevin Love puts up 25/25, 30/30, or--regardless of point output--just hauls 25- or 30-plus boards in a game--or, fuck it, just every time he's on the floor or shown on TV, he should get the standard Chuck Norris shock-and-awe utterance of his name:

Chuck...NORRIS(?!?). Kevin...LOVE(?!?)

I believe this originated from the movie Sidekicks.

31 points and 31 rebounds (plus 5 dimes). Fucking amazing. Something that KG (in all his yrs as a Timberpup, and a 4-time boards champ at that) never did, and 'Superman' (eyeroll) Howard may never do. Favorite team in the league now (after the Lakers), that's all I'm sayin' lol.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
Czernobog - That really does suck about Roy's knees, but there actually was something funny right at the end of the article. There was this unintentionally dirty quote from Roy: "I could see myself coming in the fold now."

Blogger LotharBot said...
Was I the only one who heard that Erick Dampier song and was reminded of "I'm Gay (for Gilbert Arenas)"?

There's just one crucial difference: GfGA was actually funny.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
@Tristan: Once upon a time Chuck Norris was a fantastic martial artist. Now he's a crotchety, delusional old man who is to martial arts as The Rocky Horror Picture show is to Horror. An embarassing piece of shit that maintains cult status through the adoration of idiots. Please don't bring him up again.

Captcha: ilsap. the word Chris Bosh's girlfriend whispers in his ear when she doesn't feel like it.

Blogger Jason D said...
So, after Love's Supermutant game, do the number guys like Hollinger think he's better than Shaq and Howard and Garnett and everyone because none of them had a 30-30 game before? Or is his game affected by the SOS?

Also, sucks for Brandon Roy. It relly sucks for the Blazers and Roy is always a fun player to watch and without him at 100%, I don't see how their team gets above a 6 seed and a quick playoff exit. Will they even have enough healthy bodies to finish the season? I guess that's the big question in Portland now.

Blogger Caleb Smith said...
@Jason D - Of course not. The "numbers guys," as you say... would never make any huge statements about a single game. A single game = VERY small sample size. Sample size is important.

Blogger Caleb Smith said...
Oh, and Czernobog... the Rocky Horror Picture show is wonderful. You are crazy.

Blogger Tristan said...
@Czernobog: Re: Chuck Norris - He was never a fantastic martial artist. But, touche.

Anonymous godsavedetroit said...
Can I get a Friday wotn for Ben Gordon? The Pistons barely managed to squeak by the Clips on OT, but not because of the $60 million man: 8 pts, 3 assists, and 2 giveaways in 20 minutes. Talk about value!

Anonymous Phil said...
Enjoyed this little gem from Al Jefferson.

“I ain’t won five in a row in — man, come on,” Jefferson said. “So, yes, I’m enjoying this. This is unreal.”

Winning feels unreal when you spend three years with the Timberwolves.

Anonymous plonden said...
Not sure if anyone has posted a link to this yet or not, but Blake Griffin tried to murder Rodney Stuckey's NBA career. He would have been forced to enter the witness protection service if Blake had connected on this dunk. Soon, players will learn not to try and take charges on Griffin. Just do your best to get out of the poster! After watching this I am pretty sure he can jump over most guards and it will probably happen at some point, providing he doesn't seriously injure himself first.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Roy..I think this is worse than Oden's injury..at least,Oden's knee can recover.OTOH, Roy's gonna have to deal with it for the rest of his career.Ugh,bone-on-bone just makes me cringe everytime I imagine it.

It's sad that his best basketball years may have already been behind him..not to mention that fat contract he signed last summer..this is looking a lot like the T-Mac situation in Houston a couple of seasons ago.

Anonymous Czernobog said...
I was too young to actually appreciate his competition, but back in the day he was gobbling titles like he was the only guy on the circuit.

Anonymous SirGirthNasty said...
ESPN, unintentionally being extremely 'bawful - http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/21668/heat-good-against-bad-teams

Anonymous AK Dave said...
Come on, Anonymous- Brandon Roy is NOT a "T-Mac" situation in Houston. That's GD insulting.

Firstofall... (/Charles Barkley), Brandon Roy is a bona fide leader on his team, not just a prima donna SWAC. His presence would be sorely missed on Portland's squad. T-Mac's absence was a blessing for Houston and they didn't miss him when he was out.

Second, Brandon Roy can probably still be effective as a player without his explosiveness because he's unselfish, crafty, and has a great shooting stroke (T-Mac: volume shooter who hits a very low percentage). Knee-Mac became useless once he was slightly dinged because he always relied on his overwhelming athleticism and played with his legs, not with his brain. Roy Does not have this problem. Also, as previously mentioned, Roy's mere presence on the floor has a positive effect on his team. That's the whole "leadership" thingy.

Still, it sucks to see him hurting, because most of all, contrary to T-Mac, Roy has always been a genuine "good guy" who carries himself with humility and maturity far beyond his years. He has made everyone in Seattle a Portland fan, at least in part, and that's not easy to do.

Roy is someone you WANT to see succeed because somehow, you feel like he's just a normal dude you can relate to. Can't say that about a lot of NBA guys, especially All-Stars/Superstars.

Don't mean to get all man-crushy here, but to say Broy's name in the same sentance as Knee-Mac is ludicrous.

Blogger Jason D said...
Caleb Smith,

Yea I know I'm just messing around. I just tend to get irritated by anything Hollinger writes down because he thinks his numbers are the definitive answer to all the seasons. That, and his complete bias, which seems to be a pre-requisite to work at ESPN.

Blogger Caleb Smith said...
@Jason D

I hear you. I'm not a fan of Hollinger at all myself. I ignore his stuff generally speaking.

For NBA stat analysis basketballprospectus.com and basketball-reference.com are where its at.

Anonymous Karc said...
Wow, take away Steve Blake and Andrew Bynum, and the Lakers almost looked like a watered-down version of the Heat. Played like it, too. And congrats to the Suns for lighting them up for a gazillion threes.

And thumbs down to Lamar for getting that T after getting the Lakers to within 2 late. Of course Nash hits the free throw, then Hedo burns them with a three after the timeout. Game over. I hope Khloe withholds sex as punishment. Then again has anyone seen her recently? It actually isn't that hard to withhold much of anything.

Seriously, that non-win to the Timberwolves was like a memo to the good teams. They got a soft schedule and don't really care. Utah should smoke them next week.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
via Twitter, apparently the award for a Suns road win is a cookie on the plane ride back. However, Grant Hill imposed a "no cookies between back to backs" rule.

I love my team.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@AK Dave

I'm not comparing Roy & T-mac as the basketball players they are here..maybe I should have elaborated it in my earlier post but what I'm talking about here is their circumstances which is that they are both highly paid 2-guards on their teams but can't be relied to produce consistently because of arthritic knees (of course, that didn't stop Knee-Mac from jacking up horrible shots but still). The difference is that T-Mac eventually opted to have microfracture surgery while Roy has opted to play on it for now.

It's a sad reality but there will be times in the season where Roy will have to regularly sit out games in order to rest his knees(especially in back-to-backs) or to drain built-up fluid in his knees.

Still, I actually see Roy adjusting his game into more of a jumpshooter/facilitator but we know that Portland is going to need more than that from Roy if they are to be contenders but injuries have already robbed him of that superstar form back in 09 when he gave Houston's defense all they could handle prompting Artest to call him the best player he's played against.