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Note: The steaming portrait of man love displayed above was provided by J Men.

Darko Milicic: I was a little late getting to last night's games, and when I finally got to the computer I had two Darko-related emails. The first, from Brian S., said: "One minute, 24 seconds into the game, WHILE THE ANNOUNCERS ARE SAYING HOW WELL HE GUARDS YAO, Darko has committed 2 fouls and is now out of the game. He can't even do well during the 1 minute and 24 seconds people are talking nicely about him." This was almost immediately followed by a very excited email from Quinton A., which said: "DUDE!!!! MILICIC!!!! JERSEY!!!! Just coming out of halftime, Darko picked up his fourth foul gaurding Yao, which he responded to by promptly getting a tech then going to the bench and ripping his jersey straight down the middle, Serbian Superman style." Oh yes he most certainly did.

Darko finished with 5 points, 5 rebounds, 5 fouls, and two jersey halves in 10 minutes. Although Victor correctly pointed out that: "Poor Darko. That's 15 and 15 if you extrapolate to 30 minutes!" He only needed more time. Alas. Also, Trev provided the following graphic, which he found on The Incredible Darko. You wouldn't like him when he's angry. Or, frankly, any other time.

Darko Hulk

The Houston Rockets: They were down 32-19 after one quarter. To the Memphis Grizzlies. From that point forward, it was an uphill battle...which they lost, mostly on the defensive end, where they gave up 51 percent shooting and 109 points while forcing only 6 turnovers (only one more than Dwyane Wade had by himself against the Bobcats).

Said Rockets coach Rick Adelman: "They were the aggressors all the way. They got the rebounds and got to the basket. They just outworked us. They came out much more aggressive to start the game." True enough.

Mind you, there were some circumstances. Ron Artest missed the game with a sore right foot. Tracy McGrady, of course, is still out with that sore left knee. Oh, and Brent Barry was in civvies due to a right leg injury. In total, the Rockets had only 10 players in uniform...including Steve Francis, who hasn't played all year but still managed to have his picture taken last night. Here it is:

Steve Francis: More jerseys chewed on (1) than minutes played (0) this season.

Luther Head: With all the missing peeps, Head got what was, for him, some extended PT last night (24 minutes). His response: 2 points on 1-for-8 shooting, an assist and a foul. Oh, and one of his shots was stuffed. Glad to see you making the most of the opportunity, Luther.

Jason Richardson: He led his team with 24 points and hit four of his five three-point attempts. Here's the "but": He missed two free throws that would have tied the game with 32.3 seconds left. Said J-Rich: "Anything could have happened had I made those free throws." True. Sort of like how I could be playing in the NBA right now...if I was Dwyane Wade. Or, to be fair, even if I was Mark Blount (who was 0-for-1 and finished with a rebound in just under three minutes of lack-tion last night).

I should also point out that, late in the game, with his team in the midst of six straight misses, Yakhouba Diawara covered Richardson like a 10-ton blanket, forcing him into an uuuuugly shot as the shot clock buzzed. And, uh, it didn't go in.

Emeka Okafor: Toll the bells! Throw some confetti! Emeka registered his 7th assist of the season last night! The numbers now read: 21 games started, 712 minutes played, 172 field goals attempted, 90 free throws attempted, 43 turnovers committed and 7 assists dished out. And, according to, Okafor easily has the fewest assists of any player who has logged at least 600 minutes this season. The next guy is Luc Mbah a Moute Jean Luc Richard, who has 20 assists in 602 minutes. He also has the lowest Assist Percentage -- which measures the percentage of teammate field goals assisted while on the court -- by a lot: Okafor is at 1.9 percent and the next guy, Udonis Haslem, is at 5.2 percent. (Haslem has 24 assists in 740 minutes.)

And Yinka Dare's soul rests peacefully.

Update! In the spirit of dissing Emeka, Murcy nominated last night's posterization by Dwyane Wade. Initially, I left this out because D-Wade has been posterizing the entire league lately. However, I changed my mind both because of how helpless Okafor looked during the play and because Murcy knows how to rock the pirate hook.

Daequan Cook: Got this email from Tom of Clutch City Hoops: "Daequan Cook: nine trillion. Killed my fantasy team." I don't know what mystifies me more: How Cook managed to do nothing in nine minutes of PT or why Tom has Daequan on his fantasy team.

Michael Beasley: My preseason pick for ROY had his second straight single-figure scoring game with 9 points on 4-for-13 shooting to go along with 6 rebounds and an assist. My contention that the Bulls should have taken Beasley over Rose is looking more laughable by the game. Speaking of Rose...

Derrick Rose: He didn't play yesterday (the Bulls had no game) and, in fact, he didn't practice either. Why, you ask? Because, as many of you have pointed out in comments, emails, and smoke signals, Rose cut himself under the elbow on his left forearm. In bed. From a knife he used to slice an apple. Said Rose: "Silly accident this morning. I went to get a bottle of water, forgot the knife was there and sat down and sliced my arm. I panicked when it first happened. I called [Bulls trainer Fred Tedeschi]. We got it stitched up about 8 [a.m.]. It was a large wound, but they healed it up. I'm good. I could have practiced, but they told me to wait until [today]. I can still dribble, shoot, do all that stuff. I'm hoping they'll let me play."

Of course, a lot of people are already questioning what "really" happened, since Rose's story sounds too bizarre to be true (kind of like the time I got run over by a horse while riding my bike). But, in my experience, it's the weird stories that totally ARE true. And Rose isn't worried about what other people think. "It's the truth, so I'm not worried about [people not believing him]. I called my mom, and she was like, what are you doing? It was just a freak accident. I was very scared. I'm going to get somebody else to cut [the apple]. I'm not cutting it no more." Ah, to live in a world where, after a freak apple-cutting accident, you can respond not by simply being more careful next time, but by hiring someone to peel apples for you for the rest of your life. Awesome.

Anyway, I will soon be adding this to my comprehensive list of stupid basketball injuries. I'm thinking it could be a Top 5er. Easily. Without question.

The Klahma City Thunder: Holy rusted metal, Batman. The Golden State Warriors, losers of nine straight games, stumbled into the Thunder's home arena without their two leading scorers -- Stephen Jackson (20.1 PPG) and Corey Maggette (19.1) both sat out with injuries -- and it didn't matter. They won anyway. The Thunder are just that bad. The Warriors played eight guys, seven of which scored in double figures...and the eighth guy, Ronny Turiaf, finished with 9. The Thunder were down by as many as 21 in the second quarter and by 19 at halftime. They tried to rally, but of course that rally came up short. Kevin Durant, who played great (41 points, 10 rebounds) against the Warriors non-defense, said: "In this league, when you get down by 20 it's hard to come back." Wow! His basketball IQ is off the charts!

Meanwhile, Golden State's sad season was best summed up by Don Nelson, who had this to say after his team beat the 2-20 Thunder: "We didn't win the world championship but it sure felt like it." And that's what we call "lowered expectations," folks.

Animal stylin': Basketbawful reader Josh wrote in about Dwight Howard using what will soon become a Word of the Day: "Dwight Howard sent the Los Angeles Clippers home with another L tonight courtesy of one of his patented "Double-Double Animal Styles": 23 points, 22 boards and for the F of it he tossed in 6 blocked shots. He's starting to make this routine..." You heard it here first, people. 20/20 aren't just MAN-type games, anymore. They're Animal Styles! Rowr! Speaking of the Clips...

The Los Angeles Clippers: Meh. They are who we thought they were.

Kobe Bryant: Mamba forced his daughters to sing a self-penned song until their little voices were hoarse and raspy. The lyrics? "Ko-BE, if I could BE Ko-BE! Gotta BE gotta BE Ko-BE! Ko-BE, if I could BE Ko-BE!"

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Is it me or KG has being indulging in a lot of super-dickery lately - taunting Calderon, slapping Bogut, driving Glen Davis to tears, some more on court taunting the other nigh as well as couple of dirty looks and attempts to trash talk opponents who fouled him? It is becoming hard to root for the guy after he got his ring.

Blogger Trev said...

Blogger Wild Yams said...
The idea of having Daequan Cook on your fantasy team makes me wonder if anyone out there does a sort of Bawful Fantasy League, wherein the goal is to have the roster most loaded with bawful players. Imagine a whole league where everyone is clamoring for Mark Madsen and Mario West!

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Ok. (loads up Player Game Finder).

Dwight Howard has notched a 20/20 17 times. He's notched 5+ blocks in 26 games.

He's only done 20/20/5 twice. And that was the last two games just played. In a row. And on his 23rd birthday. (This is the appropriate time to say Dwight Howard is the most gar player in the NBA right now, IMHO.)

He also has two additional games with 20 REB and 5 blocks (totaling 4).

Personally, I think the 5+ blocks are key to his animal stylin', but it depends on how rare you want to make the term, or if you want to make the definition "an absurdly badass show of MAN-type basketball shown through copious points, rebs, and blocks".

Historical perspective: Since 1986, Hakeem registered 14 20/20/5 games, the last coming at the age of 30.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
BTW, if "Animal Style" is going to soon become a Word of the Day, you should probably know its real origin is from the burger chain, In-N-Out, who's signature burger is the "Double Double" (double meat, double cheese). You can get any burger or fries there done "Animal Style" which means "fried with mustard and then pickles are added, extra spread and grilled onions are added."

Blogger Victor said...
"Darko finished with 5 points, 5 rebounds, 5 fouls, and two jersey halves in 10 minutes."

Poor Darko. That's 15 and 15 if you extrapolate to 30 minutes!

And who the hell peels apples? They taste so much better with the skin on.

Blogger Victor said...
Oh and one more thing. Do you post these at work or something Mr. Bawful?

Blogger Unknown said...
Joel Przybilla (aka: the Vanilla Godzilla!!!) is giving Okafor a run for his money. Pryz currently has 9 assists in 512 minutes and a 2.8% assist percentage. That's one assist every 57 minutes! And these numbers are actually up from last year when he had 27 assists in 1819 minutes (1 ast. every 67 minutes)and 2.3% assist pct. Of course, if I were shooting .814 from the field, I probably wouldn't pass the ball much either.

Blogger Justin Tenuto said...
I don't know what's sadder: that I'm overjoyed about a win over the Thunder or that last night, I was pretty sure they'd lose.

Oh. And get Dwight Howard some dental floss. He's got babies in his teeth.

Blogger Blogueros said...
Hi, yesterday I created a "Passing Rating" to calculate the purity of the point guards. Here is the program to calculate it:

And here is the explanation:

Blogger Steve said...
cool! your commenter might be from the west coast, as "double double animal style" is a reference to a burger at a chain out here called in-n-out

the "double double" is the regular name for the burger (2 patties), but toss on "animal style" to your order and they add extra sauce, pickles etc. dwight howard is a burger machine!

Blogger spongefrob said...

Anyway, I will soon be adding this (Derrick Rose bed knifing)to my comprehensive list of stupid basketball injuries. I'm thinking it could be a Top 5er. Easily. Without question.

Well... Only if it costs him playing time, doncha think?

Blogger Trev said...

Darko angry! Darko
Darko bigger bust than first Hulk movie!! Arrrrrrrghhh.

Blogger Justin Tenuto said...
Hey Trev: I don't want to ruin your day, but the first Hulk movie made 108 mil. The second Hulk movie made 112.

Blogger chris said...
A fantasy league in which you're hoping for the largest trillions or negative stats would be epic beyond belief. Of course, the problem then would be this: nobody should get extra points just because their overpaid bench choice receives daily DNP-CDs...

Obviously, in such a league, game-losing non-clutch turnovers should somehow count more, as they contributed to "Losses That Aren't As Bad As Others."

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Please stop calling Mbah a Moute Jean Luc Richard. His nickname is Mmmbop.

Blogger Joe said...
First Tony Parker
Then McGrady

And Rose? Really, really?

Thanks a lot my fantasy team is plagued by injuries this year it's a curse..I better drop any lakers players before I curse them too!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anacondahl's definition of "animal stylin'" +1

Other possibilities of "animal stylin":

Any combination of 2(min) of the flollowing
20+ assists
10+ blocks
10+ steals
20+ points
20+ rebounds

Any combination of three of these would qualify the player to be referred to for the rest of his life as a MAN-type player. (has anyone ever gotten 20pts, 20rebs, 10 blocks?).

Blogger Trev said...
Justin: Which wouldn't be so bad if the production costs for the first Hulk wasn't $137 million and the second one was $137.5 million.

Darko still bigger bust than movies that loss money grrrrrr.

P.S. If you add in DVD and international box office then the movies made money but now I've beaten my joke to death and it's somehow even less funny and lame than when it was originally posted which is impressive because it was pretty damn stupid the first time.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
As much as I like Star Trek, Jean-Luc Richard (yes, a hyphen) just doesn't feel right because the accent is different, for Pi-CARD and RICH-ard.

Vote here for appeal to Mmmbop a Moots.

Fake edit @ AK Dave: Since 1986, yes, 4 times. Don't waste too much time at work playing with Player Game Finder.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey Bawful what ever happened to this guy and his awesome mustache?
Yeah you guys are gonna have to revise the criteria because I refuse to call Shawn Bradley a MAN-type player

Blogger chris said...
LOL, according to this Tim Keown piece, the pain in Klahma City is starting to even be felt by the fans - literally:

"• And so, if you want to make a little extra money, buy some potassium pills in bulk and set yourself up as a vendor in Oklahoma City: Fans of the NBA's Thunder stay standing at the beginning of every game until the home team scores a basket, and there's a good chance severe cramping will be a factor more than once.

• Those OKC folks, they're nothing if not realists: After close to three minutes of Monday night's loss to the woeful Warriors, the fans decided to call it good and sit down after a Thunder free throw. "

Blogger Vanessa said...
I hate Kobe as much as the next guy, "uh.. maybe more" however you should leave his kids out of it. Actually to be on the politically safe side, you should leave the words KOBE and FORCING inseperably apart from any females.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

SHAWN BRADLEY had a 20/20/10 game??

I retract my previous post. There must be stricter guidelines for "animal stylin". If Shawn Bradley can do it, then my criteria is WAY too weak!

Wow, is my face red...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anacondahl- thanks for that link.

I started messing around on it (at work, yes) and I put in 30pts, 20ast- one of the players who did it was "Fat Lever" in 1988

Are you kidding me? Fat Lever?? Just name your kid "Shithead" why don't ya.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I am not a fan of the Animal Stylin' WotD, although whenever I see a box score of Dwight, I always think "what an animal!" I have always thought a 20point and 20 rebound/assist game is really called a "double double-double." Of course, Wilt once got his triple double-double. And then there is also a quadruple half-double.

Congratualtions. The injury list is epic. You should also mention Pervis Ellison, former no.1 pick in the Kendrik Perkins entry.

Blogger Wild Yams said...
To be fair to Shawn Bradley, he did lead the league in blocks one year (something Shaq never managed to do).

Blogger Murcy said...
hey bawful, no mention of okafor geting posterized by dwade? of course wade 2.0 IS the closest thing to jesus christ, but still... getting posterized THIS bad from someone 7 inches shorter than you...

Blogger Unknown said...
I second KG's nomination for WOTN. He has recently left the wacky eccentric territory and stepped boldly into dick status. I mean if we are judging KB's posturing, it seems kind of ridiculous to ignore the blatant disregard for anything seeming sportsmanship that KG displays.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@ Wild Yams

Not sure about basketball, but I know Baseball Prospectus has a yearly "fantasy" league they call HACKING MASS, where the point is to score the least points, but with healthy everyday players who just aren't good. It results in awesome teams like this one, the Sultans of Suck.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Michael Beasley: My preseason pick for ROY had his second straight single-figure scoring game with 9 points on 4-for-13 shooting to go along with 6 rebounds and an assist. My contention that the Bulls should have taken Beasley over Rose is looking more laughable by the game. Speaking of Rose..."


Rose has an offense created with him in mind. He's playing great but his team blows

Beasley has options to defer to on scoring (wade) and on the boards (haslem marion). He's freaking 19. give him a break

and lol @ okafor. That tops wade jermaine o'neal dunk in the 04 playoffs

Blogger Basketbawful said...
Zonker -- Well, I gave him WotN entries for the Calderon and Bogut incidents. As for the Baby thing, I'm not sure what he said, so it's hard to figure out whether he committing superdickery or not. But I think that most of these things are pretty consistent with his behavior over the years...we just get more exposure to it now that he's on a successful team. Before, most people saw it as a sign of his competitive nature. Success is making him look like an asshat.

Trev -- Added.

Yams -- You know, some people have been asking me to create a 'Bawful fantasy league. I seriously might have to roll one out next season.

AnacondaHL -- Hm. I dunno. I kinda like using 20/20 for an Animal Style game. That's still pretty rare.

Yams -- I believe that the fine gentleman who suggested the word mentioned that in the definition he emailed me. Sadly, I have never been to an In-And-Out Burger. SAD FACE.

Victor -- Not sure if this is the case with Rose, but some people are allergic to apple peels, or they have trouble digesting them. As for posting, sometimes I post them from work. Most of the writng takes place the night before or the morning of (I usually get up at 4:30 a.m. or so to work on posts). I also write on the train with my laptop. Then I publish at the work place. But, uh, that's just between us, okay?

Eric -- Wow. I missed that because I used 600 minutes in my criteria. But hey, based on the results, I'm not going to argue with the Vanilla Godzilla's methods. Besides, his job is to rebound and finish; they Blazers don't run offense through him.

Justin -- Heh. You know, sometimes Dwight reminds me of the shark at the end of the original Jaws, you know, when he has chucks of Quint stuck in his chompers.

Blogueros -- Sadly, due to my linguistic ignorence, I cannot read your post. :( Any chance there'll be an Enlish version?

Steve -- Thanks for the added info. Superman really is like a nice, tasty burger. And I guess Hedo is the tasty beverage with which to wash down that burger...

spongefrob -- Nah. The fact that he did it is enough. For me. Because it's more about the stupidity of the injury than the overall impact on PT.

chris -- All good points. The logistics of a 'Bawful fantasy league sure do seem fraught with things to consider.

cold money -- Well, we suggested a whole bunch of nicknames for him a few weeks back...and the vote winner was Jean-Luc. I bowed to the voice of the people.

Joe -- The good news is Rose probably won't miss any time. Whether it affects his play, we'll soon see.

Trev -- I totally feel what you were saying about the first Hulk movie. But Darko is more like a bust of "Waterworld" or "Battlefield Earth" proportions.

AnacohdaHL -- Ack. Can't believe I forgot the hyphen. As for a new nickname, I might have to put it to a re-vote.

anonymous #1 -- Heh. You know, someone informed me that he shaved his 'stache (or at least changed his profile pic) a few months after I mocked him for it. But I'm sure that was all just a big coincidence...

chris -- Brilliant find! This will get a mention...

Vanessa -- Eh, good points. My bad.

AK Dave -- Dude, you shined a damn spot light on Shawn Bradley. I don't know whether I should thank you or be angry at you. Probably the latter. But "Fat" was just a nickname...Lever's first name was "Lafayette." Which may or may not be better, depending on your POV.

Ruben -- Ah, yes, thank you. Purvis will certainly be added to the list.

Yams -- True dat. It's funny, Shawn Bradley could sometimes actually provide meaningful contributions...yet nobody really remembers that. Probably 'cause he gave us many good reasons to forget.

Murcy -- Added.

reuben -- Like I said above, I've cracked down on KG on this page before, for jersey popping, Jose taunting, and so on. His dickery will not go ignored.

kazam92 -- I know what you're saying, and to an extent I agree with you. I'm sure Beasley would be scoring many more points on a bad team (I'm guessing he'd have Al Jefferson-like numbers). But Rose has been amazing, consistent, and consistently amazing. Much better than, say, Kevin Durant was for a lousy team last season...which proves, if nothing else, that it's not an absolutely sure thing that Beasers would be frawsome if he was a team's focal point.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Yeah you guys are gonna have to revise the criteria because I refuse to call Shawn Bradley a MAN-type player"

"I retract my previous post. There must be stricter guidelines for "animal stylin". If Shawn Bradley can do it, then my criteria is WAY too weak!"

Well, he may be Shawn Bradley, but that's some seriously rarified company there. One game by Shaq and two be Dream? That's it?

You might not like it, but I think Bradley earns that "Animal Style" sobriquet if he can keep company with those two dudes. I vote for 20-20-10.

Blogger Mintz... said...
Is no one else surprised that Darko that the upper body strength to rip through his jersey?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
@ Wormboy

I'm also shocked to see his name with the Dream and Shaq- I just can't believe it. Yeah, 20-20-10 is monstrous- but that game is like finding the hope diamond in a steaming pile of poo- nobody expected it to be there,I can't believe we looked there in the first place, but, there it is!

I guess THAT PARTICULAR GAME was "Animal Stylin", but Shawn Bradley is not a MAN-type player; I think he is the all-time leader in getting dunked on. Plus he was 7-6 for christ's sake. And he doesn't have T-rex arms like Yao. He should have gotten 20 boards a game by ACCIDENT alone.

We need a new WotD now- the "Bradley"- when a mediocre or otherwise unimpressive NBA player has a ridiculously awesome game in several statistical categories. Like Scott Skiles and his 30 assist game, or more recently David Lee and his 38/23 night.

Honestly I'd be impressed if you could find a game as good or better by a player WORSE than Shawn Bradley.

Blogger Clifton said...
I believe that the fine gentleman who suggested the word mentioned that in the definition he emailed me. Sadly, I have never been to an In-And-Out Burger. SAD FACE.

As good as the Animal-Style burgers are, the Animal-Style Fries are ridiculous. Fries, topped with too much cheese, a heaping scoop of grilled onions, and a slathering of 'spread' (aka Thousand Island dressing). Crazy good, but you have to be in the right mood for it (i.e., ready for a food coma tonight and a lengthy stay in the restroom tomorrow).

Anonymous Anonymous said...
oh yeah I'm not saying rose shouldn't be ROY but really I've watched beasley. His midrange shot is just a beauty. He has major upside. This draft as a whole will give us at least 6 all stars.

Blogger AnacondaHL said...
Honestly, I only suggested 20/20/5 to eliminate Brad Miller's two freak 20/20's last season from being called Animal stylin'. Quite frankly I don't see anything Brad Miller does as neither animal nor stylin' (see: haircut debacle, in-general non-MAN-typeness, etc.).

There's generally 20-30 20/20's every season, something that common isn't really BAwful worthy of mention IMHO. I can't even sort the results query easily. But letting someone dominate you with a MAN-type 20/20/5 (or 30/15/10 winkwink) is. It's like absolute despair: When you miss, you're not getting it back. If we miss, I will be there. If you try the easy shot, you will fail.

Blogger Clifton said...
Does a trillion count when it comes after your coach has liquidated the bench with 2:00 to go in a blowout?

Sean Singletary picked up a two trillion tonight. Also, Lou Amundson played 2 minutes and had a missed FG and a steal, and Robin Lopez played two minutes and had naught but a foul.
Oft-forgotten fact: Before the Suns committed to buying out Dragic's Euro contract and bringing him into camp this season, earlier in the summer they actively pursued Tyronn Lue as Nash's backup, seeming incredibly disappointed when he signed with Milwaukee. To be honest, I'm not sure if he would have been an improvement over Dragic at this point. A season chock-full of lacktion so far continues for Lue, who played in those same two blowout minutes for the Bucks and picked up a rebound to avoid trillionation. On Sunday vs. the Lakers, he picked up 21 minutes of garbagetime (also after that one was clearly decided -- remember Sun Yue getting in the game?), and Lue went 3-11 from the floor, scoirng 10, and 'contributing' 2 boards and 3 ASTs -- most of this while the Lakers were not playing defense.

'Course, Dragy played 8 minutes tonight and contributed 0 points (0-2 FG) and 1 of everything else (reb, ast, stl, TO, foul). So tomorrow night, a tired Nash and no Shaq (not only the 2nd of a back-to-back, but he'll be attending a family funeral) vs. the Lake Show... hmm. And guess who gets to listen at work again? It'll be you and me, Al McCoy.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hi, I'd like to nominate this comment by Marc Gasol for WotN. On Gasol's defense vs. Yao last night (
Part of the early tone the Grizzlies' defense set came from their centers, particularly Marc Gasol, who effectively defended Yao under the basket.

"It's hard to ride him all the time but that was the game plan," Gasol said. "I got him a little tired. That's what I was trying to do."

With Yao relatively quiet (14 points, 4 rebounds), the Rockets launched 21 3-pointers but made just nine.

"When they take Yao away we have to be ready for that," Rockets guard Rafer Alston said. "We seemed to get brain-locked."

Seems like the Yahoo editors were poking fun at the comment as well (;_ylt=AnUifqgI1ZeCHWWVGi3TqIS0PaB4):
Dec 9 C Marc Gasol's assignment is to bang with opposing big bodies in the paint. In this case, Gasol hammered on Yao Ming all night, holding him to 14 points and four rebounds. "It's hard to ride him all the time, but that was the game plan," said Gasol, who had 10 points, eight rebounds, three blocked shots, three steals and three aasists. "I got him a little tired."