Raptors mad

Phillips Arena timekeepers NBA official Eric Lewis: This is a situation that would make Vince McMahon proud. T.J. Ford seemingly hit a game-winning layup at the buzzer -- off an amazing halfcourt lob pass from Carlos Delfino, by the way -- but after a lengthy video review, the officials determined that Ford released the shot after the clock had expired. It was on to overtime, where the Hawks prevailed over the Raptors 127-120.

Just one problem. The arena's timekeepers Referee Eric Lewis shaved 0.1 off the clock, which deprived Ford of the split second he needed -- and deserved -- to complete the play. And here's the video evidence to prove that the ball hadn't even touched T.J.'s hands with 0.4 left on teh clock, anyway. (Evidence the officials also had access to, by the way.)

Toronto fans are pissed, and they have every right to be. Here's one angry e-mail I received from Basketbawful reader Raps Gurl, which pretty much sums up how they feel about this game in the frozen north: "I am FURIOUS over the blatant cheating that went on in the Raptors loss* to the Hawks this evening. Replays CLEARLY SHOW THAT THE CLOCK WAS STARTED EARLY ON THE LAST INBOUNDS PLAY! That extra 0.1 seconds lost would have made his basket count and the Raptors would have won the game. Instead, the biased scorekeepers once again reigned and like last year the game was unfairly decided. I hope game tape is sent in by the Raptors organization and this despicable cheating in an already tarnished league is dealt with. And no, this isn't just another Raptors fan crying foul, we legitimately got ROBBED."

*If it can be called that.

On the bright side, Rasho Nesterovic hit his first ever career three-pointer last night. (By the way, thanks to Basketbawful reader Michael for alerting me to the real culprit behind this mess.)

Toronto Raptors: Yes, they got totally hosed by the time-shaving thing. However...the dinos were leading by 17 points in the third quarter before totally collapsing in the fourth, during which they hit only one shot in their last nine possessions. (Although technically they hit two shots in those nine possessions, since Ford's last-second basket should have counted. But I digress.) You've gotta close bad teams out, guys. You've gotta close out.

LeBron James, quote machine: You might want to sit down for this one. Okay. Ready? King James fouled out of a game. Yeah, I know! I guess the NBA has a secret rule that allows the refs to call fouls on him during one game every season, and last night was that game. Of course, The Chosen One was a little cranky afterwards (despite the fact that his teammates pulled out the win without him): "There were a few questionable [calls]. I know how to keep myself out of foul trouble for the most part. In my career I’ve done a great job of that." You know what his "stay out of foul trouble" secret is? Here's a hint: Being LeBron freaking James.

Sasha Pavlovic: Benched!

Daniel Gibson: Memo to Booby: Your role on this team? Shooter. And 1-for-7 (0-for-4 from beyond the arc) ain't gonna get it done. By the way, welcome back.

James Posey: He flushed in a lame "cotton candy" dunk during the first quarter that had his teammates booing him from the sideline. Weak. Hey James, I've got Bill Walton on the phone, and he wants me to tell you to THROW IT DOWN, BIG MAN!

Doc Rivers, time manager: Ray Allen is probably the most fragile of Boston's Big Three, Doc played him the most minutes by far (37). When asked why he wasn't playing Sam Cassell (who ended up with a DNP-CD), Rivers said, "I played him all night last night." Huh. I guess in Doc's world, "all night" means 14 minutes and 16 seconds out of a possible 48. Math: It makes my brain hurt.

(By the way, the bigger problem, and the reason Ray-Ray put in so many minutes, is that the Celtics kept letting the Pacers back into the game.)

The Pacers shooting: As the game dragged on, Hubie Brown kept commenting that the Pacers are one of the best three-point shooting teams in the league. But based on the way the game went -- Indiana shot 35 percent from the field and 6-for-29 from three-point range -- that's like trying to explain to your friends that you don't usually pass out and make a mess in your pants after a night of drinking. Good to know, but also kind of meaningless.

Washington Wizards: Not only did they choke up a nine-point lead in the closing minutes -- despite Agent Zero's emotional return -- they couldn't make a defensive stop with 1.1 seconds left on the clock. Oh, and the game-winner got knocked in by rookie and D-League escapee Ramon Sessions. Nobody should ever lose to a man named "Ramon" unless his first name is "Razor." And here's some extra bad news: DeShawn Stevenson rolled his ankle and Antawn Jamison hurt his shoulder diving into the crowd after a loose ball. I guess Washington signed some kind of agreement that at least two of their starting five will be out with injuries at all times.

Miami Heat Washington Generals: Good Lord, make their season stop already! (Thanks for the reminder, Carlo.)

New York Knicks: Well, now that Donnie Walsh is on board and Isiah is likely on his way out, the future is a little brighter in New York. But the present is as ugly as ever. The Knicks gave up 130 points on 60 percent shooting to...the Memphis Grizzlies. Eight [!!] Grizzlies scored in double figures, INCLUDING KWAME BROWN. I feel very unclean right now.

Golden State Warriors: Sure, they got blindsided by Dirk's unexpected return, but when you control your own postseason destiny and lose by 25 points to one of your primary competitors for one of the final two playoff spots, well, you have a pretty bleak destiny. (Did I just hear Don Nelson say "Beer me!"?)

Elton Brand: Welcome back, big guy. You were gone 74 games and yet didn't miss a beat. But...why'd you have to go and ruin your team's tanking plans? There's a lottery pick at stake, man! You're...you're not planning to opt out of your contract this summer, are you? Are you?!

Seattle To Be Named Laters: Let's see, after that 18-point home loss to the Clippers, Seattle has lost 19 of their last 21 games and would have to win their last seven -- against Houston (twice), Denver, Dallas (twice), San Antonio and Golden State -- to avoid the worst season in franchise history. So go grab a double-frapacheeny whatever the hell and some scones...it's going to be a painful last seven games.

Raef LaFrentz: Five seconds, one foul.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
RE: the Raptors' loss.

A very very similar thing happened to the Magic a few months ago versus the Rockets. You can see the video here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVLk0SY38wc

Anonymous Anonymous said...
You have to include Andrea Bargnani in the worst of the night. Even though he had a good game against Atlanta, Rasho Nesterovic (or whoever that really is) hit a three pointer(!!!!). If he starts doing this regularly, Andrea Bargnani is officially without any worth at all. He's shaking in his Italian loafers right now I guarantee it.

Blogger Unknown said...
Earlier in the year the Atlanta scorekeeper fouls Shaq out with five fouls. Now he starts the clock before the ball is in play. And I seem to remember last season (or two seasons ago) repeat malfunctions with their shot clock. Are ownership issues preventing them from fixing anything there?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
normally you'd see me rant about this cuz well I would LOL but there's enough people

I shall PRAISE mitchell for actually drawing a play no other coach would see TJ FORD going up for a volleyball type basket

it could have been anyone with hops but he choose the POINT GUARD!! awesome X's and O's on this one

HOWEVER if he this capable of doing this why doesn't he do stuff like this more often?

Blogger Unknown said...
i thought we were going to start referring to the Heat as the Washington Generals?

Blogger Unknown said...
Dude, did you see this? Hows this not worst/best of the night?

Bulls still suck, but their mascot's got balls.


Worthy of note, is how much of a pansy James "I don't feel safe" Poser.. i mean Posey.

And .."Garnett glared at the furry Bull.." We need a picture with that statement!

Mmm... cotton candy...

Doc Rivers' decisions regarding playing time for the C's starters right now make absolutely no sense. The hell is he thinking?


Anonymous Anonymous said...
thank you for the Razor Ramon comment, that made my day.

Blogger Basketbawful said...
anonymous 1 -- Whoa. Thanks. I might have to reference that. Or at least include it in my Worst of the Year wrapup.

anonymous 2 -- The top 2 things I didn't expect to happen this month: To wrap a newspaper around my head and tell a Dunkin' Donuts employee that I was David Schwimmer, and for Rasho Nesterovic to steal Bargninny's starting job. What were the chances?

David -- It's like the spirit of Red Auerbach is possessing the officials there. Crap! Does that mean Red's soul went to hell??!

Shrugz -- Is it possible the Raps ignored Mitchell and ran their own play? That'd be my guess.

Carlo -- You're right. Fixed.

Reuben -- That ended up in yesterday's Worst of the Night post. It was an update. I always update. Remember: You should always reread my posts multiple times throughout the day, just in case.

futuremrsrickankiel -- Okay, could you have a longer name? My fingers got worn out. So..fatigued...now, onto the Doc. What the hell is he thinking, indeed. I watched the game, and he just didn't manage it very well. Ray Allen should never play 37 minutes in such a meaningless game. I really, really thought Doc would start getting Ray a little leisure time, but no go. I still think Boston...you know, I'm not going to stat curse them. But even if they, you know, win it all, Doc is shaving years off of Ray's basketball life. Damn you, Doc Rivers!

anonymous 3 -- You're very welcome. If I don't make at least one obscure pro wrestling reference every week, I feel like I've cheated my readers, and myself.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
AHHA you know what I wouldn't put it past them
most likely TJ would say pass it to me!!! I'll take the shot

Anonymous Anonymous said...
PAUL - Locker room Attendant #1: Oy, Mr. Seinfeld. We heard you went to
the movies with Ramon.

JERRY: Oh, well, I didn’t actually go with Ramon. I just bumped into
him there. (putting on coat)

DUSTIN - Locker room Attendant #2: It's a good thing he has friends like
you to cheer him up.

PAUL: Tell him to call us.

DUSTIN: Tell him, Dustin says, “Hello.”

JERRY: All right, I gotta go.

PAUL: To see Ramon?

(Paul, with his eyes wide open looking at Jerry. Dustin stares off the
other direction, laughing to himself)

Blogger Tonewise said...
ohhhhh man.... Raptorland is a cold dark place at the moment... but the rest of Canada is starting to thaw out....


Anonymous Anonymous said...
i KNEW my dasagna diop = lasagna slop comment was basketbawful worthy. this whole operation is flitzy

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dear Mr. Schwimmer,

If you're going to make a wrestling joke, at least make one about....The Marine!


Your drunken doughnut buddy.

Blogger Unknown said...
I live in Boston and I see a lot of Celtics games. Since Boston pretty blows out every team they face, my following observation is not a one time occurrence... As noted in today's Worst of the Night, Ray Allen is being run ragged. When the Celtics are up by 20 going into halftime or in the 4th quarter, he is always on the floor with the second unit, while Paul Pierce and KG sit. I went to the recent beatdown of the Suns with a buddy of mine and once it was clear Boston was going to win by 20, I looked at my buddy and told him that I guarantee that Ray Allen will be the last starter left on the floor when garbage time rolls around. And guess what? He was. I should've put money down. What is Doc Rivers doing? Why, why, why, why, why???? I fear some injury is coming either in the last stretch of regular season games, or during the playoffs. But, hey, at least that means Sam Cassell will actually get to play.

Blogger 80's NBA said...
It's amazing, yet believable, that the refs still can't get last second shit right. Even with the use of replay.

Some of the worst ref blunders ever have happened with last second shots that were obvious even without replay. Such as the famous Trent Tucker shot in 1990 against the Bulls (which directly led to the fractions-of-a-second rules now used for last second shots).

And now, even with the replay, these doofuses still can't get it right. (Maybe someone should check to see what the line on that game was, maybe one of the stripes had some money on the Hawks).

And I'm only half joking, because of this... did you know that both the table officials and the refs on the floor can control the clock? Go here to read about it, and a recent incident from a women's college game...

P.S. David Stern sucks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
apparently mitchell DID draw up that play on the fly according to TJ Ford on the Fan 590

I shall say nice job and rant about him next time when he runs another pick and roll out of timeout

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Angered Raps fan here.

Two things:

1) For everyone questioning this call, here's the break down: The call on the floor was the basket counted. The refs, under league rules, used instant replay to review the call. Their overturning of the call was based on the fact that the time was accurate. Since there is proof that the time is accurate, their overturning is invalid. Basket counts, Raps win. QED.

2) Based on the comment above, I pulled up the line on that game. Know what it was? Hawks by one. Seriously: Hawks. By. One. I can't see a reason why Stern isnt RUNNING to correct this.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Did anyone else giggle when they read this?

"When asked why he wasn't playing Sam Cassell (who ended up with a DNP-CD), Rivers said, 'I played him all night last night.'"

*heaves mind out of gutter