I'm sure we've all thought the same thing at one time or another: if you combine NBA superstar Scottie Pippen, a delicious 6-foot hoagie and a couple of big-haired cheerleaders, you would have a great porn video, or at least a gloriously awful commercial.

Quote of the century:
"This is one six footer I can't handle on my own. Ladies, let's have a party."

Scottie spits out this line as if he's never actually had a threesome with a couple of Luvabulls, which we all know he has, because if he didn't use his star power for tail like Mike, well, that would be just plain inconceivable.

The following video prooves that the folks at Mr. Submarine should have resorted to the porn option.

Props to TrueHoop for uncovering this nugget of Bulls lore:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Couldn't they have gotten a card table in there...or at least eat up in the bleachers?

Blogger Pete Fresh said...
I have a feeling they tried giving more actual lines to Scottie but when they realized how bad he was at acting (and just speaking in general)they were like "Umm, just dunk the sandwich"

Blogger starang said...
Sweet hair ladies.

Blogger John said...