What is the average NBA fan spending their $1.99 on this week? A down payment on Spurs/Cavs Game 1 via download? A bag of delicious Fig Newtons? Or 25 seconds of Kobe saying the F word? The answer may surprise you.

It's one thing for a smarmy blogger to post a Photoshopped image of Kobe Bryant in a Bulls jersey, but seeing my local news publication doing the same was enough to make me feel physically ill.

Fortunately, Clarence Carter took a break from performing "Strokin" at the county fair to lay the smack down on Asshat 24.

(Note: Not actually Clarence Carter. But Kobe still sucks.)


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Your blog has the type of satirical humour that I always enjoy reading.

The video especially caught my eye, and I linked it to my blog (giving you credit).

Keep up the good work.