ladies night out

The Houston Rockets are sponsoring their first-ever Ladies Night Out event tonight. For a mere $52, you can get two tickets, two hot dogs, two drinks, and two t-shirts. Plus, there's going to be a concourse appearance and autograph session with the men of the 2007 Houston Firefighters Calender! I know that just got my estrogen flowing.

The funny thing is, you can order your tickets online. This means that you don't have to be an actual lady to take advantage of the ladies night out offer. So unless they're checking genitals at the door, I'm guessing the promotion might not work so well...assuming the goal is to increase female attendence.

Another problem with the event is that the Rockets are hosting the Celtics. If you're trying to win a woman over to the sport of basketball, do you really want to force her to watch a methodical, down-tempo squad play the league's worst team? That could permenantly scar the pscyche of even the most hard core basketball fan. Sorry, ladies.