Some people continue to proclaim that homoeroticism is running rampant in sports. I have historically disagreed with this assessment, despite the fact that we've reported on everything from Gatorade penises, to intra-squad gangbangs, to violent same-sex nut-muggings. But in the unending quest for naked pictures of my high school crush, I continue to compile a growing body of evidence that suggests some athletes may indeed be cock gobbling butt pirates. I submit the following images as exhibits A through whatever.

gay ball 3
I'm pretty sure this is illegal in all 53 states.

gay ball 1
The best part is the impending ass smack.

gay ball 2
They were doing it...for their country.

gay ball 5
"Holy I butt ramming this guy?!"

gay ball 4
"A little to the to the left...a little higher...YES!!"

gay ball 7
[Insert Blue Oyster Bar reference here]

gay ball 6
"Stop struggling and suck that nipple, bitch."

gay ball 8
If you're a professional athlete and pose for a picture like this
you might as well have the word "Gay" tattooed on your forehead.

This one is wrestling instead of basketball, but Jesus square-dancing Christ...

gay ball 9
"Dear, God...WHYYYYYYY?!"